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Residential care for children and young people.

Oaklea is located on the outskirts of Ormiston near Edinburgh. This is one of three new residential houses, each with the capacity to support a maximum of five children aged between ten and eighteen years old. At Oaklea we can offer the option of  care only or a comprehensive “Care and Education” placement. The education component will be provided at Harbour Point School where we deliver the national curriculum for primary and secondary education.

Our staff team have been carefully selected based on their experience, their knowledge and their motivation to make sure our children enjoy an extremely positive care experience. Our ethos is underpinned by a firm understanding of child development, the principles of “Getting it Right for Every Child” and the desire to ensure children meet their developmental milestones whilst achieving positive outcomes from the moment they arrive into our care, to the moment they leave.

Oaklea is set in a beautiful semi-rural location which complements our extensive range of resources for children who may require a rural, semi-rural or urbanised location to meet their assessed needs. We would encourage key professionals from referring authorities to visit Oaklea and speak to our management team whilst taking the opportunity to feel and enjoy the homely atmosphere the house has to offer.

Commissioning new residential homes has naturally led to an increase in the number of children we support therefore, we have enhanced our clinical service by appointing Dr. Mairi Holmes as our lead Psychologist. The appointment of Dr. Holmes allows us to offer a comprehensive range of services for children who require intensive support, assessments and strategies to affect long term change.