Netherton Farm

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Spark of Genius Residential Care for Children and Young People.

Netherton is located on the outskirts of the village of Ochiltree in East Ayrshire surrounded on all sides by farmland with ample ground within the established garden to allow our young people to respond positively to physical challenges in a play-related setting.

Spark of Genius Residential Care for Children and Young People.Originally built in 1865, Netherton offers a homely, nurturing environment where young people can thrive. Within a short distance you can find fisheries, National Trust Parks, seaside towns including Ayr, Girvan and much, much more.

The main house offers five spacious bedrooms, which each of our young people, aged 10-18 years old, can personalise to their own tastes and where they can also enjoy some privacy and quiet.  Our large kitchen and dining area promotes healthy eating and a great social environment allowing our young people to have a well-developed sense of identity and belonging. There are 2 large communal areas that can be used for play or for study with each area providing an environment that is warm and welcoming.

Netherton Cottage is located within our grounds; it is a self-contained flat that provides an excellent opportunity for young people to develop their independent living / self-care skills, within a safe and autonomous environment. The cottage is staffed by our dedicated team who will support the young person to achieve the aims and objectives set out in their individual care plans.

Caledonian School in Glengarnock is our designated resource to meet the educational needs of our young people. There are several local mainstream schools that young people can also attended, just as other have successfully done in the past.

“There was very good evidence of of young people developing skills for independent living, for example, through housekeeping and cooking skills with staff.”

(CI Report 2016)

We employ a highly trained, knowledgeable and motivated staff team to ensure excellent levels of care and support are provided to our young people. The care plans are unique to each young person with activities that will enable them to achieve positive outcomes. These activities can include Animal Therapy, Cadets, Cumnock Juniors football team, further education and work experience.

“Staff were described as very efficient at keeping social work up to date with the needs of the young people. Social workers also described the very good outcomes that young people were achieving in terms of health, education and the progress towards independence”

(CI Report 2017)

“One young person was very positive in describing the support they had received from staff. This young person described how their outcomes could have been very different and very negative had it not been for the support of the staff and service”

(Young Person’s comments CI Report 2017)

“It’s a really good staff team; brilliant managers as well, couldn’t ask for better”

“It’s good living here; I like it, staff look after me”

 (Young Person’s comments CI Report 2016)