Davidshill Farm

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Spark of Genius Equine Therapy for Children and Young People at Davidshill Farm

Davidshill Farm is a large, attractive farm house set in its own self-contained grounds within the countryside in North Ayrshire. The house itself is warm and homely yet has a considerable amount of space offering, five large bedrooms and spacious communal areas.  

Davidshill Farm is set apart from similar services due to the fact that equine activities can be offered on site as horses are stabled near the grounds throughout the year and are expertly cared for by one of our team. Within the grounds of Davidshill Farm there is a large bike track and beautiful garden space containing play equipment in recognition of the importance of play to promote development.  Only a short drive away activities can be sourced within the local area.

Davidshill Farm also benefits from having a large converted barn within the house, which provides ample space for the provision of various activities. The young people enjoy doing arts and crafts within this area, playing games, listening to music and “chilling out”.  Relaxation is equally as important as play. Therefore our team also use this space as an area to provide sensory based interventions. Davidshill Farms most recent development is a purpose built sensory room which all young people were involved in creating. This room is equipped with various lighting, textures, music/sounds and relaxation materials which creates a soothing environment for the young people to develop senses, relaxation techniques as well as  promoting self nurture, resilience and recovery.

Spark of Genius residential care for children and teenagersDavidshill Farm is a residential service for children with specific needs and emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties as well as those with Autism Spectrum Disorder who need medium to long term specialist care.  Davidshill Farms team are highly skilled due to a diverse background of experience such as Play, Autism, Psychology, Managerial, Youth Work and Education. We offer a range of skills, current and effective tools that support the needs of this particular service.  We encourage participation and communication to support the challenges that come with impairment in relation to trauma and diagnosis. Our strengths focus on operating as a stable, nurturing home that balances play and structure whilst promoting the 24 hour curriculum and health and well being to ensure children are continually learning, thriving and being given opportunity to enjoy life and its experiences. We continue to add to our tool bag by offering a range of Therapeutic interventions, including yoga, mindfulness and relax kids, recognising the benefits these tools bring to general well being, communication, physical ability and mood.  We have strong links with local education facilities provided by Spark of Genius and other educational establishments within the local authority such as Stanecastle School. Our young people are supported to travel to school and back every day. At Davidshill Farm we also support our young people in attending mainstream or alternative education, training or work placements wherever possible.

We also have a wooden chalet providing dedicated facilites for Davidshill young people and visitors using our Equine Therapy service.

Spark of Genius Equine Therapy for Children and Young People at Davidshill Farm