Chestnut Cottage

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Singleton placment for Young People from Spark of Genius

Chestnut Cottage provides a residential singleton placement for a child or young person who needs an intensively supported placement away from peer group and other adverse influences. The staff team are experienced with working with young people who show a wide range of challenging behaviours and work with them to channel these to more positive results.

Young people who stay at Chestnut Cottage can be educated via home tuition or, if full or part time education within a peer group is appropriate, at local mainstream or within Spark of Genius’ own educational provision. Post 16 young people are encouraged to join our post 16 employability training programmes if appropriate. This has proven results with young people where they are able to feel more positive about education and learning especially if a school environment has been a negative experience for them in the past.

Spark of Genius singleton placementAs with all Spark of Genius young people each young person who stays at Chestnut Cottage has a specific individualised care and education package that is regularly reviewed with placing local authorities/county councils. This includes proactively identifies with the placing local authority the preferred destination for young people on leaving care. In that we have a community support service which can continue to work with young people entering individual living, a return to fostering, or return to family living.

Any young people who stay with us at Chestnut Cottage will reside in singleton accommodation, there will never be any more than one young person staying at Chestnut.