Residential Care

Spark of Genius residential care for children and teenagers. Jim Vallance

Spark of Genius has several small residential homes which run 365 days a year, for children and young people for which we invite referrals. The homes cater for vulnerable and in some instances challenging children and young people. Our homes provide a therapeutic environment to support children and young people who have a variety of needs.

The children and young people in our residential homes are educated in mainstream school or in one of our offsite learning centres. This offsite approach allows living and working in separate environments, which better simulates mainstream education and the young persons’ previous and future circumstances. The approach allows our children and young people to receive more attention and focus than may typically be found in large, campus based models.

Spark of Genius residential care for children and young people.We offer a 24 hour curriculum, providing continual support and guidance to encourage development through an online intranet running throughout the houses. We also have the capability to match a young person to one of our specifically tailored caring environments, rather than placing the young person in one large communal living space.

Every child is entitled is to a positive living and learning environment. We aim to instill a strong sense of identity, individuality and self worth in our children and young people. Through our therapeutic and consistent approach we are able to ensure all children and young people receive the most effective care possible.

Emergency placements

We understand that it is not always possible to plan placements when there is a crisis situation.The need to act quickly in order to be able to meet the child or young person’s needs is paramount and therefore we accommodate these individuals as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Emergency placements are offered with Spark of Genius, but we would like to note that where possible Spark of Genius is notified at the earliest point to minimise emergency referral placements.

Respite placements

Respite placements are also available where needed. These placements can vary in length and we accommodate where suitable. Respite can be offered as part of a care package or in a crisis situation. We encourage you to get in touch if you would like to know any more information about how any of our services can work for children and young people or would like to discuss a particular situation in more detail.

Our homes:

Davidshill Farm

Riverside House

Foxhill Cottage


North Lodge


Sunderland House

Chestnut Cottage

Old Mill


Woodside Farmhouse

West Cottage