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Spark of Genius Day Education for Children and Young People

Spark of Genius Education Services, Skypoint School Holidays 2017/18

Skypoint School was officially opened in October 2015 after moving from our previous building in Drumchapel, Glasgow.  The school has been carefully designed to suit the needs of up to 45 primary and secondary pupils aged 10-18 years with a variety of complex educational social, emotional and behavioural needs.  The building is a shared property within Skypoint Community Centre, which is the hub of the local community.

We have a dedicated ICT Suite, learning zones, large bright modern classrooms, an on site games hall and fully equipped woodwork department, we have bright and attractive dining area, access to hospitality facilities and a dedicated music studio.

School Leadership

Our leadership team have over forty years of experience working with Spark of Genius! Our school ethos follows a whole child approach, which ensures that each student is safe, healthy, nurtured, active, engaged, supported, and challenged.

We understand that working together is best practice for positive outcomes and we pride ourselves on having positive relationships with parents, carers, professionals and most importantly students.

As a whole staff group our vision is for all young people in our care to achieve their potential and gain the skills to feel ready to embark on the next chapter of their journey.

Skypoint Team

Skypoint school has a highly experienced staff group with a diverse range of skills and expertise; our high staff to pupil ratio ensures that class sizes are small and well supported.  As a group, we have many years experience and are qualified in working with pupils with a broad range of needs. To enhance and broaden our curriculum we enlist specialist instructors in various subjects such as music, first aid, music production, horse-riding and mechanics.  


Skypoint School delivers a full, engaging curriculum covering the four contexts for learning, namely: breadth, depth, challenge and pace. Our school team cater for a wide variety of needs and abilities by tailoring and personalising creative timetables. Staff at Skypoint school strive to prepare all young people for positive destinations whether it’s reintegration back into mainstream school, moving onto further education or into the world of work.

Broad General Education – Primary 6 – S3

During the broad general education phase, our learners will:

  • achieve the highest possible levels of literacy, numeracy and cognitive skills
  • develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work
  • develop knowledge and understanding of society, the world and Scotland’s place in it
  • experience challenge and success so that they can develop well-informed views and the four capacities.

Senior Phase S4 -S6

All of our senior pupils will have an entitlement to a senior phase of education which:

  • provides specialisation, depth and rigour
  • prepares them well for achieving qualifications to the highest level of which they are capable
  • continues to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work
  • continues to provide a range of activities which develop the four capacities
  • supports them to achieve a positive and sustained destination.

The curriculum in the senior phase comprises of more programmes which lead to qualifications ranging from SCQF level 1-6. There is a continuing emphasis on Health and Wellbeing appropriate to this phase, including physical activity and opportunities for personal achievement, wider achievement and practical experience of the world of work. We work with a range of organisations in securing volunteering and work experience opportunities.

Skypoint school is very proud of its strong links within the local and wider community and we continue to build on these. Some of our links include, Eco Schools, Local Employers, Colquhoun Park Primary School, Griphouse Gym, Kincaid House Care Home, Pinkston Watersports, Bearsden Ski Club, Allander Sports Centre and Skapade Studios.

Wider Achievement at Skypoint

Through links with ASDAN, Lochgoilhead Outdoor Activity Centre, Duke of Edinburgh Award, and JASS Award our pupils are given the opportunity to take part in residential trips, various new sports and explore new experiences and places. These experiences help pupils to take personal responsibility, cooperate with and respect the needs of others; enhance their personal and social communication skills and increase physical health.

Some pupil feedback

Skypoint school is 99% better than my last school

I like that we get to do music

The teachers are all very nice to me

I like that we are allowed pets

I enjoy going on class trips

I can use technology in some classes to help me

Parent feedback

Delighted with my son’s progress to date

I know my son will continue to be encouraged to progress

Happy to hear my child has made progress

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