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Caledonian Campus

Caledonian Campus provides education to both primary and secondary pupils. We offer individualised programmes for pupils who have struggled to engage with learning for a variety of different reasons.

Our pupils can be:

  • Staying at home.
  • Looked after at home.
  • Looked after by Spark of Genius’ Residential Services
  • Looked after in another residential centre.

Our young people come to us for a variety of reasons or simply because mainstream schools have not been able to meet their needs. It is our task to re-engage these pupils with education and ensure that when they leave school they have the qualifications and skills to make a successful transition to further education, employment or training.

The school campus is based within the Glengarnock Business Park within the Garnock Valley. The school was opened in the summer of 2012, a coming together of our Irvine and Paisley learning centres, within the grounds of the old Glengarnock Steel Works. The secondary school building has the Steel Works War Memorial on the wall with names of the fallen during the two great wars, who were employees of the steel works. As part of the local community we have access to Garnock Rugby Club, Garnock Swimming Pool and Glengarnock Library. We also utilise a wide variety of resources throughout North Ayrshire, East Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde for physical and outdoor education.

Caledonian Primary

The primary building consists of three classes with an outdoor learning area and access to a nurture room on the campus. The maximum school roll is set at 20 pupils and has both boys and girls attending. Within the primary, pupils have use of the Promethean smart-board, tablets and laptops to aid individual learning and enhance the learning experience. Pupils also have access to the dedicated Art room, Cinema room and Digital media room within the secondary building.

Spark of Genius Education for day pupils Residential care for children and teenagers Spark of Genius residential care for children and teenagers


Within the primary school, pupils are guided through the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) with all pupils developing skills for life, skills for learning and skills for work which will prepare them for later life.  The curriculum continues to grow and develop and is designed to ensure all of our pupils become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

The primary school also has access to outdoor learning and play.  This area is used to allow the pupils as individuals to grow and develop gross and fine motor development, social-emotional development, language development and creative expression.  Within the primary building, pupils also have access to the sensory room with low level lighting, Lego wall and AstroTurf wall as well as soft shapes to enhance and develop the senses while offering a quiet and relaxing area.

Spark of Genius Education for day pupils Residential care for children and teenagers

Transition Class

The transition class is based within the secondary building, working under a primary model, allowing pupils a smooth transition into secondary education.  The transition class works at the pace of the individual, further enhancing the pupils social and emotional skills while allowing them access to the Broad General curriculum. Pupils within the transitions class have access to a dedicated Art room, Digital media room and Cinema room as well as the use of Promethean smart-boards, tablets and laptops to aid the individual learning and enhance the learning experience.

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