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Spark of Genius residential care for children and teenagers


Residential care for children and young people from Spark of Genius

Spark of Genius Education Services, Skypoint School Holidays 2016/17

Spark of Genius Education Services
Caledonian School holidays 2016/17

Spark of Genius Education Services
Harbour Point School holidays 2016/17

Spark of Genius offer education placements for children and young people in well equipped, spacious, welcoming learning environments.

We have a number of learning facilities across the UK in which children and young people are offered a breadth of curriculum including both academic and vocational qualifications. Within the Learning Centres, children and young people have access to an individual workspace including modern educational technology. We offer ongoing pastoral support to children and young people, their parents and carers.

We are an auto accredited SQA centre in Scotland, offering a wide range of curriculum for children and young people. We offer English, Mathematics, History, Modern Studies, Travel and Tourism, Computing, Geography and many other subjects to give a children and young people a variety of options to develop their learning.

Referral Process

To place a child or young person with us, a referral process will take place. This will be conducted in a five step manner as illustrated. More information can be found on the referrals page.

Skills Courses

SQA accredited Skills for Work courses provide young people with qualifications and skills in a real work environment whilst enhancing employability skills. These courses are predominantly aimed at the 14-16 age range and are primarily used to teach young people practical skills and prepare them for the world of work. Spark of Genius’ Skills courses include Construction Crafts, Rural Skills, Hospitality Skills and Sport and Leisure Skills.

Skills courses provide progression pathways to employment, training and further learning opportunities for all learners. The successful completion of a Skills course provides formal certification for children and young people.

Our other centres

Caledonian Primary School

Caledonian Secondary School

Skypoint School

Harbour Point School