We list below the most up to date Education/Care reports for each our services please contact us if you would like to view previous reports:

Care Inspectorate Reports for Spark of Genius Care Inspectorate Reports

Netherton  – 17th September 2017 PDF (341B)
“Young people told us of the care and support that staff offered at times of crisis and that staff acted appropriately and sensitively at these times.”

Riverside House – 1st February 2018 PDF (343B)
“My mental health has really improved and I can think about things and ask staff for help, I wouldn’t do that before.” Young Person.

Davidshill Farm – 20th December 2017 PDF (341KB)
“A child had recently returned home after several years in care and the parent attributed this to great support from Davidshill Farm. This was a very good outcome for this child and family.”

Woodside Farmhouse23 April 2018 PDF (345KB)
“In our observations of the staff interaction with young people we noted that staff attempted to engaging
meaningfully with young people in order to established trusting and supportive relationships.”

West Cottage – 15th November 2017 PDF (348KB)
“We observed interactions between staff and young people as being warm and respectful.”

Brandy Burn – 25th September 2017 PDF (347KB)
“We were impressed that staff evidenced a good knowledge of all the young people’s care plans; and not only exclusively their key child.”

Foxhill Cottage – 14th December 2017 PDF (342KB)
“Education was valued and promoted and all young people had school placements. There were strong links between school and the staff members to support good outcomes and to help young people overcome barriers to attendance.”

Sunderland House – 7th November 2016 PDF (340KB)
“Young people told us they liked living in Sunderland House and we found staff members had a good insight into the needs and preferences of young people.”

North Lodge – 15 January 2018 PDF (341KB)
“The young people’s attendance at their education placements was a priority and we found that they were
engaging in education; both in mainstream schooling and college and the services own education establishment.”

Millholm – 28th June 2017 PDF (344KB)
“One young person stated she considered the other young people as friends and regarded the people in Millholm as her other family.”

Old Mill Community – 26th September 2017 PDF (344KB)
“Some of the best days of my life have been here.” Young Person

Drumbank – 13th April 2017 PDF (339KB)
“We heard of specific improvements for young people: in relation to family relationships; a reduction in distressed behaviours; and improved safety.”


Education Scotland Reports Education Scotland Reports

Harbour Point – 17 March 2015 PDF (259KB)

“Young people are achieving well through a range of vocational and practical opportunities which are developing their skills for life and work such as team work, communication and leadership.”

Skypoint School – 03 May 2016 PDF (326KB)

“Strong and effective leadership from the Director of Quality Improvement and leadership of the school.”

Caledonian School – 18 March 2014 PDF (66KB)
“Staff provide a welcoming, caring and nurturing environment for children and young people which ensures that they feel safe.”