Adult Services

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Spark of Genius residential home for children and teenagers.

Adult Services offers additional help for young people moving into their own tenancy, returning to fostering or to their own families.

Young people leaving care situations, even to return to foster situations or their own families, can often find the transition an extremely daunting prospect. We decided that Spark of Genius needed to add to the good work already being carried out in support of our young people leaving care by providing Adult Services not only for the young people we have cared for and educated but to any young person whom referring local authorities decided need our support.

Sometimes, I think it’s worth remembering that you don’t wake up the morning of your 16th birthday and immediately become an adult. You need help and support both physically washing, ironing, paying for things and emotionally the psychological impact of fending for yourself, of being in a new house, of coping with adult pressures which are new to the young people. We exist to help the young people find a balance in their lives.

Need more information on Adult Services?
Contact us at Head Office on 0141 587 2710.