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 Senior Management Team
Residential care for children and young people.

Spark of Genius provides education, residential care, autism services and community support for children and young people. Care is provided in beautiful, semi-rural houses with small numbers of young people, education in high tech learning environments with an emphasis on qualifications across a range of subjects, information technology based learning and a variety of vocational skills. Community support is provided for young people moving into their own tenancy, foster placements or returning home. We provide these services for local authorities across the UK.

Ours is a very different model of residential care and education from the campus based models which have existed in the past and our approach is evidenced in outcomes; improved attendance levels, better qualifications, improved quality of health and well being, further education placements, university places and jobs.

Spark of Genius also enjoys a close relationship with the Spark of Genius Trust, a registered charity which makes small grants available for projects aimed at  making a difference for young people. The Trust also makes larger grants available to young people leaving care to fund summer scholarships to Harvard University in Boston.

Spark of Genius wants to make life changing experiences available for all our children and young people, through the care we provide, the education and community support we offer, and the continuing relationship we have with our young people, their families and carers,

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