Old Mill

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Spark of Genius Residential Care for Children and Young People.

Old Mill

Spark of Genius operates a number of small therapeutic residential homes throughout Scotland for children and young people who need a variety of supports.

The Old Mill provision near Balfron in Stirlingshire has high standards of staff expertise in supporting and improving outcomes for children and young people with complex behavioural issues often associated with insecure attachment. Set in beautiful, tranquil countryside, yet within easy reach of Glasgow and the central belt, Old Mill provides a unique therapeutic environment where emotional well being is at the heart of all interactions with young people. With a history of successful, settled
lSpark of Genius Residential Care for Children and Young People.ong term placements and impressive inspection results, Old Mill stands out in terms of its delivery of day to day therapeutic care and the participation and involvement of the young people in decisions about their lives. The quality of care and staffing has been evaluated as ‘Very Good’ by the recent Care Inspectorate report and the young people themselves value the respectful way they are treated. They report that staff are good company and that there is an ethos of respect throughout Old Mill. Above all, they feel safe, something that some of
them have never experienced before.

The Community Learning House model has its basis on the understanding of the significant difficulties young people with complex needs have. This model provides young people with opportunities throughout the day; evening and weekends, to develop and practise skills, supported by highly trained care and educational practitioners.

Spark of Genius Residential Care for Children and Young People.The methodologies employed in the care and education of the children and young people within the Community Learning House, are based on the principles of best practice in the fields of research pertinent to the young person’s needs.

The Old Mill offers 24 hour, 365 day a year residential care. There is also the provision for on and off site education depending on the specific needs of the child.

Family involvement

We take full account of the need for families and carers to be part of the care and education their children receive. We also understand that sometimes it is difficult to come to terms with the support needed for their child. To address these issues, we have included as part of the service several key components which increase family/carer and child understanding and comprehension of our service and how it can be beneficial to well being.

Components include supported:

  • Supported home visits, holidays and short breaks for families
  • Training programmes aimed at coming to terms with complex needs or related conditions
  • Other useful training programmes and workshops