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Annual Review & Outcomes 2014 Summary
Another year has gone by at Spark of Genius and our services continue to go from strength to strength in our eternal pursuit of excellence. We are very proud to share our annual outcomes with you and these are summarised below. These successes are only achievable through the hard work of staff supporting our young people and in excellent partnership working across all sectors.

  • Spark of Genius Residential Care for Children and Young PeopleThroughout 2013/4, attendance at our learning centres was exceptionally high – our primary pupils achieved an attendance figure of 95% and our secondary pupils 86%. Our overall residential pupils achieved an attendance figure of 94%!
  • Our learners gained a third more Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) awards in 2012 than in 2011.
  • The 44 young people presented in this year’s SQA examinations were awarded a total of 660 unit awards which equates to an average of 15 units per young person. This means that we have trebled our average number of SQA awards in the ten years since we opened our first Spark school in 2004.
  • The average tariff score for Scottish looked after children who left school during 2012/13 in Scotland was 116, within Spark, our residential pupils achieved an average tariff score of 119.
  • NO young person left Spark in an unplanned way in the last year
  • 100% of our June 2014 school leavers secured a positive initial destination.

I hope that you enjoy reading our annual review,

Jackie Blair
Director of Quality Improvement & Policy